James Long, Ph.D., P.E.

Retired Analog and RF Consulting Engineer

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Problem solving and new designs by using scientific theory and practical experience and not by mindlessly copying hobbyist handbook, application note, or CAD circuits without knowing their limitations or how and why they work.

There is no such thing as magic. Most of electrical engineering was invented by 1925, reduced to practice by 1935, and mathematically analyzed and scientifically understood by 1945. The last bit was finished by 1965. Since then there has been only a minor trickle. It is the changes in government regulations and the lowered costs provided by the large engineering efforts put into improvements in manufacturing efficiencies that have caused the wide spread use of electronic items.

Here are examples. Phase locking of oscillators was mathematically understood by 1650. The FFT goes back several hundred years. Feedback control systems were patented by James Watt in 1788 and the Routh stability test was published in 1884. Waveguides were mathematically analyzed and understood by 1880. Frequency hopping spread spectrum was a commonly known concept by 1917. By 1900 DSP was well developed and even the z to the integer exponent notation was in use. Digital computers were mathematically understood by 1800 and reduced to practice by 1943.

  • School trained in analog and RF at Cal Poly (BSEL with honors) and Stanford (MSEE, Ph.D. EE with Sigma Xi induction).
  • Former Caltech Prof., Signal Corps Captain, and Vietnam veteran (FTA).
  • 45+ years of exclusively analog and RF hardware & system design & analysis hands-on experience.
  • 35+ years in industry.
  • 25+ years in consulting.


  • First Phone FCC license (now general radiotelephone) with RADAR endorsement
  • Extra class FCC ham license
  • Electrical PE in a few states

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